Sustaining Your TIF Efforts: A Reflection Guide

Fiscal and/or Programmatic Sustainability
Year of Publication: 
Pasley, Joan
Keleher, Julie
Gould, Tate

TIF projects aim to create infrastructures that increase educator effectiveness, provide students with access to these effective teachers, and improve student achievement. Sustaining these efforts after grant funding ends takes long-term planning and strategic decision-making along the way. As part of the process, it is important that the project team and key stakeholders have a common vision for what programs are priorities to continue, working collaboratively to negotiate the inevitable trade-offs that will need to be made. This tool provides TIF project teams with a format for reflecting on current TIF projects, establishing a common vision for prioritizing which elements of the TIF project to sustain and determining how they will be maintained after funding ends, and considering what can be done immediately and during the remainder of the grant cycle to ensure these elements are sustainable.

Report or White Paper
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Pasley, J., Keleher, J., & Gould, T. (2015). Sustaining your TIF efforts: A reflection guide. Retrieved from
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