Northeast Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Regional Meeting Summary

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Richard Adrien
Steve Kimball
Darcy Pietryka
Amy Potemski
Robert Stonehill

During day one of the regional meeting, grantees provided an overview of their grants and shared important challenges, lessons learned, and promising practices. The first day also involved detailed discussions on the intersection of state and federal policies and its influence on successful TIF implementation. Day two consisted of panel discussions on enhancing school leadership and approaches to calculating growth in student achievement. TIF technical assistance providers and monitors facilitated the panelist sessions in conjunction with grantee representatives. Open discussions followed the panel discussions, and each grantee was encouraged to share its thoughts and provide feedback on the respective topic. Finally, grantees talked about their experiences and recommendations on sustaining and continuing
the momentum of the work completed as part of the TIF grant.


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Adrien, R., Kimball, S., Pietryka, D., Potemski, A., & Stonehill, R. (2014). Northeast regional teacher incentive fund meeting summary. Retrieved from
image: Northeast Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF)  Regional Meeting Summary