Guide to Implementation: Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
Year of Publication: 
Julia E. Koppich
Cynthia D. Prince
James W. Guthrie
Patrick J. Schuermann

Appropriately engaging and systematically communicating with stakeholders is important to the successful design and implementation of a new educator compensation plan. This paper outlines a six-step approach to reforming educator compensation. These steps include assembling a representative compensation reform committee, creating a carefully developed plan, considering important design principles of effective performance-pay plans, building support for the performance pay plan, developing a feedback loop to make midcourse corrections, and evaluating the results of the performance pay plan as well as stakeholder engagement and communications strategies. The success of performance pay plans will be enhanced to the extent that teachers are involved from the very beginning and the degree to which they are continually communicated with throughout program implementation. 

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Koppich, J. E., Prince, C. D., Guthrie, J. W., & Schuermann, P. J. (2009). Stakeholder engagement and communication paper. Retrieved from
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