Guide to Creating Teacher Leader Positions

Teacher Leadership and/or Career Ladder
Year of Publication: 
Herbert G. Heneman, III
Anthony Milanowski
Matt Finster

Without effective creation of Teacher Leader Positions there cannot be effective Teacher Leader programs. This guide provides 10 step-by-step decision points, and specific "how to" examples and instructions, for creating a specific Teacher Leader position within a Teacher Leader program. It flows from a direct link to instructional improvement strategies to identification of specific Teacher Leader tasks and time spent on them to the final TL letter of appointment. It concludes with a brief discussion of process concerns in creating the Teacher Leader position and the sustainability of the Teacher Leader position.

Report or White Paper
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Heneman, H., Milanowski, A., & Finster, M. (2016). Guide to creating teacher leader positions. Retrieved from
image: guide to creating teacher leader positions