Evaluating Programs for Strengthening Teaching and Leadership

Program Evaluation
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Anthony Milanowski
Matthew Finster

This guidebook provides strategies and resources to address the many complexities and challenges involved in evaluating a TIF program, from conceptualizing the evaluation questions to reporting results. It begins by providing a process for identifying the logic of how the TIF program will lead to the desired outcomes (Section 1), moves into how to develop evaluation questions that examine this logic (Section 2), and then explores methods for measuring these evaluation questions (Section 3) and choosing an appropriate evaluation design for assessing impacts (Section 4). The guidebook also describes best practices for disseminating evaluation findings (Section 5) and processes for choosing the right evaluator (Section 6). 

Report or White Paper
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Milanowski, A., & Finster, M. (2016). Evaluating programs for strengthening teaching and leadership. Retrieved from https://www.tifcommunity.org
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