TA In Action: Pitt County Schools

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TA in Action
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our TA Team has been assisting Pitt County Schools with setting up their external evaluation, in particular regarding developing an evaluation prospectus for the RFP.  The assigned TA provider began by conducting an initial call with the Pitt County TIF project director and an evaluation expert our TA team.  After the call, several RFP examples from other grantees were shared with the project director at Pitt County Schools via email.  As follow-up, a subsequent call was conducted with additional personnel from Pitt County as well as the TA provider, TA lead, and evaluation expert.  The purpose of this call was to discuss practical information related to the External Evaluation, such as lessons learned, tracking successes, challenges, and use of the data provided.  Next steps include sharing a sample logic model, from another TIF grantee's external evaluator, with Pitt County and the TA lead will continue to assist them in this work.   As a result of this TA, Pitt County will have thought more comprehensively about their evaluation needs and received high-level guidance and resources on writing an RFP for an External Evaluator.  It is a very effective way to tell their story.

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